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TOF – I Always Appreciate Volunteers

Poor guys. You know… the ones I choose during sermon illustrations? They always get beat up or embarrassed or hit or something. Sorry. Well, they’re great guys. They sacrifice themselves for the good of the sermon. I like that. I appreciate. I appreciate it so much… today I need another! […]

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“Be Our Guest” Wednesday

October 29th, 2011

We recently sent out a large postcard announcing the unveiling of our new outreach program coming up on “Be Our Guest” Wednesday, November 9 at 7pm. Parents are welcome to sit in on the services as we go through the different steps we’ll take when a guest visits our class. PLEASE don’t miss “Be Our Guest” Wednesday, teens!

A huge emphasis in the Teens of Faith has simply been on Loving God. If God can get their hearts, everything else will fall in place. And… once God gets their hearts, it should result in changed hearts toward others. Our teens have evidenced that heart for others in the way that many of them have been coming out every Saturday for soul-winning, and one of the main desires of this new outreach emphasis is that it not just become a PROGRAM… but a HEART. We can put programs in place all day… but if a program is not driven by a genuine heart to see people saved, baptized and discipled in our church, the program will fail.

“Be Our Guest” Wednesday will focus on only one aspect of outreach: what to do when guests actually visit our class. In the future I’d love to develop something that can help us reach and bring more TO our class, but I wanted to focus first on what to do with the ones that God has already brought us! Yes, we’ll definitely continue to focus on weekly soul-winning times, and yes, we’ll definitely emphasize evangelism with their friends… but those types of encounters are usually initiated with an invitation to church. What about the ones who are already familiar with our church… they’ve been here! What do we do with them? We treat them… as our guests.

Come see what I mean.

November 9, 2011

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