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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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Parent Meeting Review – 9/18/11

September 22nd, 2011


Each Parent Meeting I try to include 3 major points: Information, Vision, and Encouragement. The past meeting was the last we’ll have this year, and we wanted to communicate as clearly and as early as possible, particularly on a few cost-related activities we are coming up on.

Parent, please expect the following activities in the coming months:

  • Oct. 21 – Bonfire at Pastor’s house. $0, but they will be bringing something TBA (snack, drink?)
  • Nov. 3-4 – WCBC College Days. $45 (or so) for Jrs. and Srs.
  • Dec. 4 – $60 downpayment due for Youth Winter Rendezvous (Jan. 5-7)
  • Dec. 10 – Christmas Party. Gift and snack TBA
  • Jan. 5-7 – Youth Winter Rendezvous. $135
  • Jan. 9-13 – Church Planting Conference at Heartland Baptist Bible College, OKC. $400 (giving from TOF Home Missions Fund – our weekly offerings.)
  • Feb. 18 – Preaching Rally. $5

Bible Study Series. The teens have the spirit to grow and learn, but it seems they are at the point that they do not know where to turn next. Every time they are challenged to read God’s Word it is convicting, but when they go to do it, it seems like God’s Word is hard to understand. We want so badly for them to make it as productive Christians, and that will ONLY come from hearing from God through His Word. If you say you love God but don’t keep His commandments you’re a liar! Wow! Strong language! But thankfully, I’m not the one saying it… God is in 1 John.

I’ve challenged teens in another post  to take hold of the Christian’s tools… books. Parents, consider spending about $40 to help you and your teen grow in God’s Word. These recommendations are a good start to Bible study, and can only help as your fervency and hunger for Biblical knowledge grows.

Outreach Program. We’re a few weeks out still from launching a new outreach program, and I’m very excited about trying to capture some of the guests that God has brought to our class. We desire 100% involvement, and hopefully these teens will be sanctified Christians and WANT to be involved… hopefully we’ll have a waiting list of people who simply want to serve God by reaching out to guests through texts, emails, postcards, visits and more. Thank God for the spirit that is growing in the teens… we pray we can spread it to everyone else as well!



Finally, I wanted to encourage the parents in a simple thought: Pray with your teen.

Especially after a week like we just came through with Bro. Beckum, we ALL at least realize the importance of prayer… how about putting it into practice?

Every time I’ve had a chance to pray with one of the guys I’ve absolutely loved it. I love praying one on one with guys making commitments, guys getting ready to preach, or guys who need help. It’s not only encouraging to hear them pour their hearts out to God and see a part of them that you might not have otherwise seen, but it’s also enlightening! You get to see part of their heart; you get to hear their burdens and feel their spiritual desires. You catch a glimpse of what they’re thinking… which is FAR more than we sometimes give them credit for! “Teens are so shallow these days!” someone says. No they’re NOT! Pray with them sometime, and you’ll see some depth that you’ve never sensed before.

This encouragement is based not on my experience or expertise but on a couple things: 1) last week’s prayer revival and 2) the recommendation of other youth pastors who have raised teens and have seen God work by following this exact model. I say that lest you think, “Bro. Ryan, you don’t have a clue! You’re not a parent, let alone a parent of a teen.”

No I’m not. But I know what the Bible says about prayer, and I know what other men who are parents of teens have said, and I know it’s possible. At least consider it, parent. It can only help, right?

Consistency and constancy will push you past the awkward stage of it and eventually bud into a deeper relationship with your child. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Have a great week!


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