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Periodic Reminders

Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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This is it!

November 25th, 2016

This is it! The last practice before our dress rehearsal.

Nervous yet?

I’m always nervous at this stage, when it seems like we JUST started practicing. Or it seems like there are some skits that we’ve only done once or twice. Yep. I know the feeling.

But we’ll be all right. Bro. Jared’s got it all under control. It all rises and falls on HIS leadership, haha!

So shape up and make him proud. Memorize your lines and act like acting little actors.

-Bro. Ryan

Bro. Bens Note

There I was on the edge of a timber line looking into an open field. It had been a so far unsuccessful hunt and we only had about 30 more minutes of shooting light. Then—out of the corner of my eye—I saw it… a small deer coming right my way. I knew that I only had one chance at it; it would definitely run too far away if I missed. So I crept ever so quietly as close as I could. Finally, when I had my chance, I raised up my bow and pulled back… Waited to the perfect time… Then… WHACK!! I let the arrow go and BULLSEYE. A down deer for Bro. Ben.

Thinking back to this (just last November) I’m reminded of all the practice I did with my bow. Countless times I set up a water jug in my back yard and pegged it over and over again. Ephesians 6 is the chapter containing the “Armor of God,” and verse 16 states that above all else we need the shield of faith so that we may be able quench, or disable, the fiery darts of the wicked. Knowing how proficient a hunter can be with a bow, this puts into reality the accuracy our enemy has with his darts of temptations, anger, fear, and everything in between!

When you really think about it, we are nothing more then a hopeless and defenseless little deer with a master huntsman coming after us. The only way to defend ourselves against such a capable and well-practiced enemy is by putting on the armor God has provided for you and me, and standing strong in Him and HIM ALONE. Nothing we do can defend ourself. When we wear the armor of the Lord, it takes away the weak spots Satan can hit us at. Just think about me trying to shoot a fully armored deer! I don’t think I could’ve gotten that one…

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