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Life Is What You Make It

God holds you accountable for your own decisions. Not your friends’; not your parents’; not your enemies’.  You are as close to God right now as you want to be. You might think, “No… I’d like to be closer to God, it’s just that…” You’re fooling yourself. Your life is […]

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TOF – Give. And Give Regularly.

December 28th, 2014

Giving is spiritual.

It is a spiritual act. It is another spiritual discipline, like forgiving someone who hurt you or like holding your tongue when someone gets in your face.

Do you give? How much did you give this year? Did you give faithfully? Did you give sacrificially?

How much money did you get for Christmas? Did you tithe off that (10%)? After your tithe, did you give any of it?

Giving only helps you. God can do fine without your giving. Do you get that? Do you understand that it’s all his anyway? Do you know that giving is all about helping others, which, as it turns out, helps you?

Giving to Faith Promise Missions is something that ALL of you should be a part of. Are we going to be the biggest giving class? I doubt it. But I hope we are a class that gives.

I’m concerned when I see you pass up the offering plate week after week. If it’s always empty, it makes me concerned for your walk with God. Seriously! If you’re not giving, you’re missing out, spiritually.

I am not concerned about low offerings, as if we are not able to look good to someone. I don’t care how we look to others. I care about your walk with God.

A healthy walk with God should produce a giving spirit in you. So give.

We have Faith Promise Missions Giving every week in church. In our class, we give to additional projects like the Church Planters Conference, as well.

How’d you do in 2014? How often did you remember to give?

If never, uh oh. You’re missing out. Make a commitment this coming year to give 1) faithfully and 2) sacrificially. It will only help you.

– Bro. Ryan

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