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What Are We Supposed To Do With Ourselves Now?

Now that Comedy Night is done, what are we supposed to do with ourselves? We’ve been so intensely practicing that we forgot about… gaming! Oh yeah. Mafia. That’s what we can do. Thanks, Alexa. And for the lesson time, we finished up the 3 M’s and 3 A’s for men […]

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TOF – Love The Bible

November 16th, 2014

Do you love the Bible?

If so, you have a huge advantage over most Christians. Most Christians claim the name of Christ but don’t care about His Word.

Did you wake up this morning focused on yourself or on the Bible? Were you excited to come to church to receive instruction, challenge and help from God’s Word? Or were you mad at your sister, frustrated with your hair (Bro. Aaron?), distracted with homework, annoyed by your dog, rushed from waking up late or just generally tired from life?

What’s your state of mind this morning? What do you have planned for tomorrow?

Make sure the Bible is part of your daily routine. I love you, and want God’s best for you.

-Bro. Ryan

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