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Life Is What You Make It

God holds you accountable for your own decisions. Not your friends’; not your parents’; not your enemies’.  You are as close to God right now as you want to be. You might think, “No… I’d like to be closer to God, it’s just that…” You’re fooling yourself. Your life is […]

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Your BEST Resolution Is To Improve Your Walk With God

March 18th, 2017

Pastor preached an incredible message on Wednesday. If you missed it, you missed out!

It wasn’t powerful, or moving, or sensational… it was practical.

He preached on reading your Bible—starting the new year out right. So, today is day one. I’ve got to admit… I need to read the assigned devotions later today. Maybe this afternoon. I jumped straight into Leviticus this morning. It WAS helpful to me, but I’m going to commit to read the one-year Bible plan that was handed out last week, and I haven’t started on that one, yet.

I’d encourage you to get one, also (I think they’re in the book rack). (PS: If you’re going to Romania, it will be part of our weekly check-ups, so start now!) Like Pastor preached on Wednesday, reading through the Bible in a year takes like 1hr 48mins per WEEK! That’s less than 20 mins per day. Easy, right?

The 20 mins part is easy. The daily part is not.

But if you made ANY New Years Resolution, you are committing to improve something about your life, which probably means changing a daily habit.

So, at church you’ll always hear the challenge to make the MOST important resolutions of all—growing spiritually. Starting today, let’s work together on things that matter. Happy New Year!   -Bro. Ryan

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