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Monumental Moments In Life

I got home yesterday from preaching a 3-night rally in Colorado. I like the emphasis on kicking off the school year right—with Bible preaching! Today, I’ll be re-preaching all three sermons (not all in Sunday school!) as we think about starting the year strong. Each day is a new beginning […]

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12-21-2014 Pastor’s Note

December 22nd, 2014

Aramis, one of the Musketeers in Dumas’ classic novel series, had a son, Raoul, who grew up to be greatly beloved of the band of four . After Raoul was forsaken by his affianced Louise de La Valliere, he abandoned himself to despair and volunteered for a military assignment in North Africa which promised almost no hope of survival. His father, Aramis was so completely devoted to his son that his whole purpose in life revolved around him . Unable to comfort Raoul in his misery, Aramis began to decline as he neglected his own health . Having little appetite and little desire to do anything, he took to his sick bed . When a D’Artagnan broke the news to him of his son Raoul’s death in battle, Aramis gave himself over to death . Such devotion to a son and such devotion that life itself is wrapped up in that son might well exemplify the devotion we Christians ought to have to another Son . That is, to the Son of God! We ought to be able to join Paul in saying, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain!” Life devoted to a human son may end like the sad ending in Dumas’ novel, but life devoted to the Son of God, is life everlasting!


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