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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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A Young Man Should Never…

April 22nd, 2017

Our Wednesday night series has been on gender differences. Right now, I’m taking 6 points from Bro. Shettler’s camp sermons from several years ago.

Last week, we started with how men should treat ladies. There are 3 “T” words:

A young man should never T___________ a young lady. I said last week that if ANY guy makes you uncomfortable, let me talk with him. I’d be glad to stand up for you, ladies. In fact, I think I might enjoy it.

Ladies, if you’re ever around a guy who is overbearing, jealous, pretending to be a tough guy (when he’s not), possessive of you, a time-hog, exclusive… get out. Get away. Run.

“He’s so cute.” Don’t be stupid. Cute doesn’t last long, honey. His character stinks. He’s weak. He’s not a spiritual leader… he’s a wimp.

Run. Away. For your own good.

“He always asks forgiveness, and he’s so sweet about it. He makes it all better after he scares me. He doesn’t mean to…” Please don’t get close to guys who are threatening in any way.

Find a loving leader who loves God more than he loves you. The headship of a good, caring, strong, loving, considerate leader will make you feel loved and secure… not beat up and scared. Or beat down and worn out.

The anger series we just came through is a good indicator for you. Look for that. Early.

A young man should never T__________ a young lady. Bro. Shettler put it a unique way, and I liked it. It’s like igniting a F_________.

Ironwood: ____________________________________________

If you think a no-touch rule is too strict, consider two things:

  1. The smaller the B_________ you can live in now, the easier all the other rules are later.
  2. If it doesn’t affect you, maybe you are O________________.

Note: When you hear application in sermons that talk about not going to prom, or when you hear me talk about high school dating, or hugging, or touching, or WHATEVER—please don’t take it to mean that I am against YOU.

I’m not against you. I’m FOR you. I know who’s doing what. I’m FINE with it.

Sure, it hurts me and Mrs. Jamie. It means I pray extra for you. It means I expect some HARD breakups and some emotional pain in your future. It means I think God has things that are BETTER for you.

But I’m NEVER against you.


I don’t want you to think, “I know what he’s going to say…”

I’ll never be mad at you. I won’t yell. I’m for you. I want God’s best for you. I usually make things pretty clear from the pulpit, but that does NOT mean I’ll be against anyone for going to prom, for example.

I preached against the sin of prom. I think I made solid points with everything I said on Sunday, for example. But if you choose to go, I can’t stop you from going, and it won’t make me and Mrs. Jamie stop loving you.

So, if you go AGAINST what these points are tonight, I still love you. God still loves you, and He’s pursuing you. He’s drawing you to Himself through notes like this, through preaching, through conversations, through your Bible reading… my job is to encourage you to listen to Him.

A young man should never T___________ a young lady. The third point comes out of Bro. Shettler’s experience with accidentally embarrassing a young lady. Men need to be extra-careful about not hurting ladies through off-hand comments.

“Well, she just needs to get over it.” Maybe you hurt her more deeply than you realize. A godly young lady might not be bitter or holding a grudge; maybe she just has a hard time trusting you because of how crass you were. Be careful.

Ultimately, remember that this can affect your W____________ with the unsaved.

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