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I got home yesterday from preaching a 3-night rally in Colorado. I like the emphasis on kicking off the school year right—with Bible preaching! Today, I’ll be re-preaching all three sermons (not all in Sunday school!) as we think about starting the year strong. Each day is a new beginning […]

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Completely My Mistake—Thank You For Being a Good Choir!

November 25th, 2016

I’m thankful that you are so musical, and that we have a core membership that knows these songs inside and out. Otherwise, this morning would have been a fiasco. Going into it, though, I had complete confidence that the choir would do superbly, even with zero minutes of practice leading up to a song change.

Did you like that little surprise this morning?! My apologies on that one.

In my absence, I laid out a song-leader (three of them, actually) and a teacher for my class, but I neglected to think about the choir song for the service (Bro. Greg spoils me). Oops! Sorry, Bro. Ben.

“Ever led a choir?” I asked him.

“Noooot realllly…” he replied.

“GOOD! So you’ve sort of done it once. Well… this Sunday, you need to direct the choir song!”

It went about like that.

With as intricate as “It Is Finished” is, I chose to spring a new yet familiar song on you. Thank you for being flexible—both with the music AND with me! I appreciate you very much. Keep it up. (I’m begging you!)

– Bro. Ryan

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