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I got home yesterday from preaching a 3-night rally in Colorado. I like the emphasis on kicking off the school year right—with Bible preaching! Today, I’ll be re-preaching all three sermons (not all in Sunday school!) as we think about starting the year strong. Each day is a new beginning […]

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Do You Blaspheme Yoda?

April 22nd, 2017

If there’s ANY societal argument against atheism, it’s the common practice of blasphemy.

Think about it. It there were no God (as atheists claim), then why do people say, “Oh my God” in a blasphemous way?

Do we blaspheme things we don’t believe in?

“Oh my alien!”

“Oh my Force!”

“Oh my Jedi!”

That’s a joke.

But people say, “Jesus Christ” when they get mad, frightened, or shocked; and they mean it as a blasphemy. Right?

No one says, “YODA!” as a blasphemy. Or even, “ALLAH!” or “BUDDHA!”

Blasphemy is a defaming way to show what you think about a person or thing. You can blaspheme Star Wars, but no one really believes it’s real, so “Star Wars blasphemy” isn’t a real thing. Ahteists—according to God—have a God-awareness inside them. They know that when they say, “Oh my God,” they are not using it in the same way as when they say, “Oh my Jedi.”

They might claim to not believe in God OR the Jedi, but their speech reveals otherwise. If they laugh at the thought of cursing the Jedi, ask them to be consistent, rather than only cursing your God.

Today from Leviticus we’ll look at God’s thoughts on blasphemy.

  • Deut. 28:58
  • Psalm 86:9-12
  • Psalm 99:2-3
  • Psalm 111:9
  • Rev. 15:4
  • Php. 2:9-11
  • John 1:12
  • Acts 4:12
  • Acts 10:43
  • Psalm 66:1-2
  • 2 Tim. 2:19

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