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I got home yesterday from preaching a 3-night rally in Colorado. I like the emphasis on kicking off the school year right—with Bible preaching! Today, I’ll be re-preaching all three sermons (not all in Sunday school!) as we think about starting the year strong. Each day is a new beginning […]

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I’d Make It Mandatory, But…

March 5th, 2017

I’d make the workshop mandatory, but I HOPE that it’s important enough to you to WANT to be there. It’s one of those things that is SO beneficial, I just assume that everyone would want to be part of it, and bummed if you have to miss.

But if you are waffling on the fence, teetering between come or not-come, let me help you… COME! You need it, and we need it.

In addition, we will likely do a few 4:00 practices, too. Either:

  1. The songs are more challenging than I anticipated, or
  2. Not enough time has been put in at home (*gulp!), or
  3. A combination of #1 and #2.

I know you can do it. It’s evidenced in rehearsals like last week (phenomenal job, by the way.) So, after Saturday, we should ONLY be polishing things up. Believe me… I understand hard music that messes with your vocal chords and your brain. I get it when a line or two are difficult to master. Certain phrases are just tricky, so if you’ve put the effort in the piece and you are still struggling with it, that’s understandable.

The underlying message here is to put the work in on your own. For the benefit of everyone else in choir who has put the work in, please make the extra effort. It’s not fair to them when we’re spending time on parts that they have long since mastered.

So this isn’t me beating you over the head. If you’ve put in the effort, great. If not, please consider others. Thank you, thank you, and thank you more. Keep it up.

  -Bro. Ryan

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