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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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Ironwood – Final Details

July 18th, 2011

July 18, 2011


Camp is just around the corner, and we wanted to give you some last-minute information. If you have any questions on anything listed below, please give my wife or me a call as soon as possible. Most importantly, please be in prayer for God’s moving and direction in your child(ren). For your information:

$__________.___ is still owed for ___________________________



Sun. July 24      am service        Camp payment due (a table will be set up at church)

Mon. July 25    7:45 – 8am      Arrive at church, load bus (31087 Nicolas Rd. Temecula)

8:30am                        Leave for camp (one stop on the way)

Sat. July 30      12:30pm          Parents pick up kids at church (one stop on the way home.

Leaving camp at 9:30am)

Sun. July 31      10:00am          Sunday school

5:30pm                        Meet at church to practice song (Jr. High and Sr. High campers)

6:00pm            “Camp Echoes” – Teen Camp testimonies

after service      Final TOF Afterglow – With a challenge from Pastor Rench


  • Please bring clothes, bedding, pillow, toiletries, towels, Bible (KJV to follow along with the preacher. Bro. Ryan will give you one free if you do not have one), and spending money.
  • Please do not bring cell phones or any electronics. More items are listed on the enclosed brochure.
  • Luggage. Please try to limit luggage to one large and one small bag per camper.
  • T-Shirts. Each TOF camper will receive a t-shirt on Monday morning at camp (already included in camp cost). We will take group photos on Thursday in our respective camps (Jr. High and Sr. High) in our blue TOF t-shirts, so please keep them clean until then.
  • Saturday. Final day of camp: have your stuff packed and in its place (will be announced at camp) before breakfast.



Whether or not the camp requires and enforces the dress code for the other campers, our church wants to be a good testimony and “step up” wherever possible.

Please see the enclosed brochure for more details on dress code.


  • Morning. Shorts and t-shirts are okay for all morning activities.
  • Swimming. T-shirts must be worn to/from the lake but are not required to swim.
  • Evening. Please wear khakis (no jeans, please), and a tucked-in collared shirt to dinner and evening services.
  • Thursday. Blue TOF t-shirt for picture.


  • Morning. Shorts touching the knee, loose-fitting pants or capris are allowed for all morning activities.
  • Swimming. Clothing must be worn over swimsuits going to/from the lake. Please see brochure or ask a camp counselor for guidelines on swimming clothes.
  • Evening. Please wear knee-length (at least) skirts or dresses to dinner and evening services.
  • General. (from brochure): Slits must not come above the knee. Tank tops, tight shirts, clothing with low necklines in front or back, or styles leaving the midriff bare should not be worn. (Sleeveless shirts are allowed.)
  • Thursday. Blue TOF t-shirt for picture.



Every week I try to write a note in our announcement sheets for class, and a few weeks ago I gave them a prayer list. My desire is that they arrive at camp already open to what God has for them, and that they allow God to work on their hearts from day one. I included the note and the prayer list below:

     Last Tuesday I visited a camp, and it made me REALLY want to be at our camp… I cannot wait till July 25!

Begin praying now for camp. God WILL work despite your hard heart, but just imagine what He could do with a heart that is wide open already! Don’t make Him break through a hard shell of sin for three days before the messages really start to affect you at camp… make a choice now to be in on the very first service.

You know how that will happen? Prayer. Pray for God to work on your heart. Pray that He does something He’s never done with you before. Pray that He leads you in your teen years. Here are a dozen things you could pray for every day between now and camp:

  1. Cleanse me of sin. (Read Psalm 51)
  2. Challenge me to be and do more for Christ.
  3. Help me fall in love with the Bible and preaching.
  4. Help me deepen my relationship with my parents.
  5. Lead Bro. Samms.
  6. Lead the camp staff.
  7. Lead my counselor.
  8. Show me how I can be a blessing to my cabin-mates.
  9. Lead Bro. Ryan and Mrs. Jamie.
  10. Help me be accountable.
  11. Give us safety.
  12. I love you.

When you pray, God moves. On the bus trip up to camp I’m going to ask you what you prayed for leading up to camp, and I hope you can immediately raise your hands and spout something off. I pray for you often and really want you to grow. Do right. Love God. Pray for others.

—Bro. Ryan


  • Bro. Ryan Rench, youth pastor –  ryan.rench@cbctemecula.com
  • Mrs. Jamie Rench –  jamie.rench@cbctemecula.com
  • Bro. Ken Baker, youth assistant
  • Mrs. Gina Baker

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