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What Are We Supposed To Do With Ourselves Now?

Now that Comedy Night is done, what are we supposed to do with ourselves? We’ve been so intensely practicing that we forgot about… gaming! Oh yeah. Mafia. That’s what we can do. Thanks, Alexa. And for the lesson time, we finished up the 3 M’s and 3 A’s for men […]

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Just Because.

November 25th, 2016

“Come on, kiddos. Hurry up and get dressed for bed.” I was sitting on the floor, arm resting on Abe’s toddler bed, back against the dresser, waiting to read their bedtime story Prince Caspian. “You’re taking too long.”

Abe finished dressing, ran out to use the restroom, came back into the room and squeezed me around the neck and shoulders, giving me a man-sized little kid hug. “I love you so much, Dad.”

“Thanks, my man! Why’d you say that?” I said.

He thought a minute. “I don’t know.”

“Just because?” I said.

“Yeah. Just cuz.”

I’ll take it. Any time. 

– Bro. Ryan

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