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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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Mature Men Will See Preaching Time As Sacred

August 20th, 2017

I’m okay with laughter. I’m good with jokes.

I mean, come on—when the lesson is on Jr. High boys not wearing deodorant, there will be plenty of jokes.

That’s all good.

But we’ve gotten a little lax about the preaching time.

It used to be that when the preaching started, the Teens of Faith had such a high respect for God’s Word that there was NO talking. Like, none.

Sure, we laugh at the funny parts. That’s all good. We NEED to laugh, and I allow a lot more of that nowadays. More on Wednesdays, especially. There’s some funny stuff that happens.

But the laughter needs to be balanced by maturity.

That’s what we are lacking right now, especially among the men.

Take last Wednesday, for example. We talked through some funny stuff about being annoying, stinky cabins and Jr. High boys running their mouths. There were plenty of laughs along the way.

But we also talked about the Gospel—the good news of Jesus Christ. Salvation. Eternity.

And there was… laughter… during that.

Wait a minute! That’s when it needs to be reined in.

If there are a few people who are not mature enough to know when to be serious, they ruin it for everyone. There’s been several awkward times recently where we’ve had to have a “Hey guys, stop talking” break in the preaching. Awkward. For everyone.

So, in the words of our 2017 Preaching Rally: GROW UP. With camp next week, I want to help you with the preaching time. 

See preaching as sacred. Start by viewing eternity every time you come to class. Preaching in the Bible is a sacred thing. It’s God’s work. View it as a reverent time.

Don’t be a distraction. If God is speaking to someone, don’t do anything that hinders Him. You might think you’re so sneaky and quiet that no one will notice. Wrong. Even people across the room notice. Talking, getting up to go “potty,” laughing… all the little things can be distracting.

Listen for yourself. The preaching is God’s time to talk to you. Listen.

Listen for others. The preaching is God’s time to talk to others. Let them listen. Don’t hinder God in others by being a distraction.

I can’t sugar-coat this. I’ll just be straight with you. As a spiritual leader in your life, you need to hear it from someone who loves you. I’ve always viewed maturity by how much you allow GOD to speak to you.

I’m impressed by the 8th grader who can pay better attention than the high school junior. Maturity is not about age—it’s appreciation for PREACHING.

Mature men will view preaching as sacred.

  • Don’t talk. Shush the ones who talk to you.
  • Know when the joke is done. Laugh at what’s funny; stop when it’s over.
  • Stay engaged. Look up and stay tuned in. Always.

Especially at camp next week, this will be important. We’re talking about eternity, here. Show your maturity through the preaching times. 

I love you and want this to help you.  -Bro. Ryan

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