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What Are We Supposed To Do With Ourselves Now?

Now that Comedy Night is done, what are we supposed to do with ourselves? We’ve been so intensely practicing that we forgot about… gaming! Oh yeah. Mafia. That’s what we can do. Thanks, Alexa. And for the lesson time, we finished up the 3 M’s and 3 A’s for men […]

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Music IS Worship, and Music Should LEAD TO Worship

November 25th, 2016

Sacred music, in itself, is an act of worship. When our hearts are correct, we worship Him in the spirit and by the truthful messages we sing. 

However, in Scripture, worship is often a physically humbling experience. Like, an act of lowering oneself in respect of One–usually by bowing. 

Do you worship? Do you sing worshipfully? Are you intentional about worshiping on Sundays? 

Sundays get busy–we’re teaching classes, rehearsing for specials, wrangling kids who have apparently taken their weekly dose of speed, and trying to stay awake from the schedule of life. There’s no TIME for worship–certainly no mental or emotional CAPACITY for it. 

Yet worship is essential. Please ensure that you refresh the most important part of your life–the spiritual–especially when the mental, physical, and emotional portions of your life are draining you. 

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