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I got home yesterday from preaching a 3-night rally in Colorado. I like the emphasis on kicking off the school year right—with Bible preaching! Today, I’ll be re-preaching all three sermons (not all in Sunday school!) as we think about starting the year strong. Each day is a new beginning […]

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Our Nation Was Founded on Biblical Principles

January 29th, 2013

You may have seen the recent articles in the newspaper about the ACLU’s attack on the cross that tops Mount Rubidoux.  It has been there since 1907, but slick lawyers of the ACLU who see the opportunity for making another crooked bundle of money, began procedures to sue Riverside for its removal.  These misguided people with darkened souls and minds have come to believe the oft repeated lie that our nation was not founded upon distinctively Christian footings.  The examples to disprove this recently adopted lie are so abundant that we could readily bury any lawyer up to his neck with them.  Just one case in point: The founders and most influential members of the American Bible Society were not preachers or churches.  They were politicians and statesmen!  Many of our early Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Supreme Court Justices, and U.S. and state Attorneys General were members of the American Bible Society.  They all considered the Scriptures indispensible to American life.  So, next time some lunkhead tries to tell you the framers of the Constitution wanted to separate Christianity from American government, try to restrain yourself from swatting him on the head, and patiently explain that he should do a little research on his own instead of blindly accepting the party line of some confused neo-socialist liberal.

-from January 27, 2013 bulletin

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