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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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Parent of Teen Meeting

October 25th, 2010

Last night after the service we had about 15 families represented in our Parent of Teen Meeting, and what an encouragement it was to just look out there and feel that we’re all basically going the same way!  Every smiling face and the nod of agreement was noted in my mind, and it warms Jamie’s and my heart so much to be able to do what we do!  I mean that sincerely, and probably more deeply than most will realize.

Our main goal was to communicate our heart about our ministry and to share some details about what we do to build toward our goals of changed lives.  We handed out booklets that included each of the blog posts so far, as well as a summary of the discussion time.  The following excerpt from that booklet is only the section that summarized the meeting.  If you were not aware of the meeting in time and were not able to make it, I apologize for not communicating it more clearly.  I hope to resolve anything I can on my part in order to have it work out for more folks to attend the next one.

Thank you all for attending.  Again, it was more of a blessing to us than you’ll know!  Now here’s the summary of last night…


Thank you all very much for attending the meeting!


My wife and I are very excited about being here at CBC.  We worked with teens throughout college and in Stillwater, but we’re very new at this and desire to communicate with you as best as possible.


To communicate our heart, to give a few details of upcoming events, and to elicit your help.


We LOVE being with your teens.  Children are given to parents, and we are here to help any way that we can.  We will love your teens as much as we can, and our greatest desire is for their spiritual growth.


Any godly vision will be only in accordance with the Word of God (Pro. 29:18).  In the back of my mind will always be a goal for the next spiritual step, as a group or as individuals.  Right now I have huge dreams of what these teens could do and be for God, and any biblical vision certainly requires small, detailed steps to get there.


We could use the terms mindset or attitude, but we want to go a step further with it in terms of depth.  Several details that we implement now are simply working toward creating these cultures, and under each heading we have at least one or two major projects or plans to help create that culture.  We desire to enhance the cultures of:

Spirituality.  General term.  Think more about spiritual, eternal things and less about “today.”

Prayer.  Regular prayer times on certain Wednesdays each month.  Teaching on prayer and a general emphasis.

Service. Using their talents and gifts in the church (Rom. 12, 1 Cor. 12-14). Immediate, willing volunteers.  Servant leadership.

Bible Hunger. Attentiveness, excitement, study, and a love for preaching!

Outreach. They can do better than I can.  Saturday involvement.

Bible College. Heartland BBC and West Coast BC. There are many reasons that these are the only 2 colleges we push.  These colleges emphasize Bible teaching, Baptist distinctives, and local church involvement, and will enhance rather than undercut our church’s teachings.  Trips, pictures, singing groups, etc.


WCBC College Days (Nov.) – $30

Youth Winter Rendezvous (Jan.) – $125?

HBBC College Days (Mar.) – $200?

Youth Conference? (Apr.) – $150

Senior Banquet (May) – $20? (seniors free)

Camp (Jul.) – $290?

Church fund-raisers will be pushed extremely hard, and certain community ideas will help the students who are willing to work.


You will do more for their growth than I will.  Please consider the following:

Pray. Everyone, always.  Even if you disagree with something we’ve done, you can and should pray.

Stress involvement. Decide that your teen will attend activities and church over homework, practice, camp, hanging out, or almost anything else.  Few things will be more spiritually beneficial than involvement.

Resolve. Resolve issues; don’t brood.  You’ll do no good talking about it at home if it is a problem elsewhere.

Accept help. Not that we are “pros,” but we might objectively see something in your son or daughter that might not otherwise be known had you not asked for insight.  Defensiveness will only hurt openness.


We communicate as often and as much as possible.  Sunday announcement sheets, bulletin, calendar, letters, postcards, notes, emails, and especially the website!

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