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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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The BIBS Devotionals Are HERE! It Starts… TOMORROW!

November 25th, 2016

Woo hoo!!  I was so excited when Ms. Sarah carried the big, heavy box into my office and set it up on my desk. “The BIBS books are here!” she said.

Oh yes! I got out my keys and tore through the brown tape. I pulled open the top flap of the box and there was some brown paper and cardboard on top. Get this dumb paper out of my way, I thought. I want to see my BOOKS!

Once I got through the packing material, I saw the beautiful red book sitting on top, waiting for me to pull it out and look at it.

Uh-oh. The dumb book looks pink! What’s up with that?!

I’m picky… so I notice these things. You probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I didn’t point it out, but now that you’ve heard me say it, I hope it doesn’t spoil your view of the book. But either way—pink or not—they’re HERE!

So, as we launch out (this is SUPER exciting), we can encourage each other in reading our Bibles and understanding what we’re reading. I’m looking forward to our split sessions (men/ladies) as we discuss what you learn throughout the week.

-Bro. Ryan

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