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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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TOF Scavenger Hunt!

March 9th, 2013

Today we had a picture/video scavenger hunt. Teens met at the church, divided into 4 teams, got their lists (below) and headed out on the town to accomplish as many tasks as possible in an hour and a half. The reigning champion team came home with about 650 points! Contratulations team Mrs. Jamie! Enjoy the video slideshows we showed the teens. Below the videos you’ll see the list of tasks they had to accomplish…



(ALL members must be clearly seen. Driver is exempt unless otherwise specified.)


1. Martial Arts demo in public place* (<15s) – 40 pts.
Bonus: 5 pts for large crowd gathered, 10 pts. for spectator acting as a referee
2. Singing in a restaurant* (<15s) – 30 pts.,
Bonus: 5 pts. extra for each patron who joins with you
3. Playing “Duck Duck Goose” in a public place* (10-20s) – 30 pts.
Bonus: 10 pts. for each spectator who joins you
4. Dramatic earthquake scene in public place* (<15s) – 30 pts.
5. Acting part of a football game on the 50 yard line of a football field (10-20s) – 25 points
6. Going down slide at the park (<10s) – 15 pts.
7. Crossing a non-busy street like waddling ducklings (10-20s) – 15 pts.

* Please note that every time it says “public place or restaurant” it must be a different public place or restaurant for each video.  You can’t just park at 1 restaurant and do 5 things on this video list.  

8. By “Old Temecula Jail” sign – 40 pts.
9. By old, white Pujol school house – 30 pts.
10. Spell out words of a sign using your bodies, next to/under the sign – 20 pts.
11. On a boat – 20 pts
12. Group mimicking mannequins in dept. store – 20 pts.
13. Entire team & employee in Burger King crowns – 20 pts.
14. “Family Picture” on nice furniture at a store – 15 pts.
15. Sitting with unknown family at restaurant – 15 pts.
5 pts. extra for each smiling family member
16. Jumping in the air at same time (everyone must be off the ground) – 15 pts.
17. Sharing a drink  (each teammate has their own straw) – 15 pts.
18. Standing under a bus stop sign – 10 pts.
19. Saluting an American flag on a pole (not the one at church) – 10 pts.
20. Everyone making a funny face (including driver/photographer) – 10 pts.
21. Reading books – 10 pts.
22. Off ground at same time (not jumping but can be in a tree, on a hydrant, etc.) – 10 pts. each

(Choose any member.  Can’t always be the same people.  Everyone MUST do 1 thing.)

23. Give a piggy bag ride to a random person (10-20s) – 30 pts.
24. 2 team members reciting the pledge to the flag with a fireman or policeman. (<20s) – 25 pts.
25. Doing cartwheels on a park lawn (<15s) – 20 pts.
Bonus: 10 pts. spectators score your performance, 5 pts. spectators give you instructions loudly in a Russian accent
26. Asking someone if you can have a fry or other small piece of food from their meal to eat (<15s) – 20 pts.
27. Boy propose to a random girl in a very eloquent way (<15s) – 20 pts.
28. Walk a stranger’s dog (<10s) – 15 pts.
29. Wash someone’s window at a gas station (<10s) – 15 pts.
30. Jumping off a swing (<10s) – 10 pts.

31. Stand on your head in a public place – 20 pts.
32. 2 members in picture but 1 member appears very small – 15 pts.
33. Picture with an unusual animal – 15 pts.
34. Ask an employee at a store to help you find the most expensive item in the store – 15 pts.
Bonus: 5 pts if item is over $500, 10 pts extra if item is most expensive of any team.  (must clearly show price, team member, & employee in the picture)
35. Getting smallest dollar value of fuel at a gas pump possible.  Must get receipt. (10c, 5c, etc) – 10 pts Bonus: 10 pts for team with smallest amount.
36. 2 team members in a shopping cart – 10 pts.
37. Hanging upside-down on monkey bars – 10 pts.
38. Reflection in something other than a mirror – 10 pts.
39. Shake hands with a bearded man – 10 pts.

(Team members do not have to be visible.)

40. Unknown couple telling how they met (<20s) – 20 pts.
41. Small child singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” (<20s) – 20 pts.
(Talk to their parents & explain what you’re doing before approaching the child)
42. 10 strangers telling you their shoe size throughout the day (<5s ea.) – 15 pts. (0 points if not 10 people)
43. A stranger willing to show you how many pushups he/she can do in 15 sec. (<20s) – 15 pts.
44. A dancing dog (<10s) – 10 pts
45. Stranger to recite short poem (<15s) – 10 pts.
Bonus: 5 pts. for dramatic interpretation

46. Using found objects to build a monument (ie Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc.) – 30 points
47. Something that begins with the letter “Z” – 15 pts.
48. 1 photo with all 4 of these colors (red, green, yellow, blue) – 15 pts.
49. Oldest grave in cemetery – 10 pts.,
Bonus: 10 pts. if before 1900, 10 pts. if oldest of all teams
50. Stranger blowing a spit bubble – 10 pts.
51. Funniest/weirdest thing you find – 10 pts.
52. Fire truck – 10 pts.
53. Cloud that looks like an animal – 10 pts.  (has to be easily seen)
54. 5 green things in 1 picture – 10 pts.
55. Chuck Norris…the real one – 5,000 pts.

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