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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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TOF Sunday Jul 8, 2012

July 22nd, 2012

A Cold 4th of July


Well, I WAS warm all day… until the end.

Right when I was about to serve in volleyball I got two full water balloons down my back. Not cool. The sun was gone by then.

Well, I hope you know by now that Matthew was right: “Bro. Ryan, you always get the last laugh.”

Yes, yes. True. And Bro. Ken’s got my back (Daniel did too, this time!) So… we gave Aaron an ice water shower, David a mud bath (the knucklehead’s water balloon didn’t even break on me!), and Christian a sort of mud/water shower. Awesome ending to the day.

Actually, I was wet the rest of the day. So I warmed up in the bounce house. Evan, his brother Kian and I were having a dunk contest and then we unplugged the fan and the whole bounce house came sinking down on us.

It was good to see you all at the picnic last Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.





With camp, there are a few things I hope you remember. First of all and most of all, it’s a week of spiritual emphasis. It has the potential to literally change the whole course of your life. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t… but you’ll never know if you’re not there! (duh, Bro. Ryan!) I’m saying that there are decisions that some of you might make that would line you up with God’s amazing plan for your life, and steer your away from your measely plan for your life. “My plans aren’t measely.” They’re ALL measely compared to God’s plan!

I’ve been praying that God will finally “get through” either your hard heart or your blinded eyes. I’m praying some of you see some areas you need help in, and learn to ask for help in those areas! I’m praying that ALL of you, no matter how great your spiritual life, come back with more passion for God than you’ve ever had before.



First, pray all week. See the next section for more on that.



Whatever you’re asked to do, please have the great spirit you’ve always had. I love that none of you have ever been a problem. If you are… we use you as a target at the primitive weapons range (tomahawks, blowguns, slingshots…) If you’re still a problem… to the rifle range we go.



It’s not a competition, but I hope when I talk to your counselor about you he or she says “They’re awesome.” Enough said.


I really do hope you take that seriously, though. Be a spiritual leader in your cabin. Speak up in devotions. Remember the sermon on “USE Your Mouth”… speak up against your cabin-mates if they’re talking innappropriately. Don’t be a jerk about it, just say, “Hey, let’s not talk about that” and then walk away. Volunteer to help out and work hard every morning. Do your devotions every day. Be frendly to everyone at camp, especially the annoying one in your cabin (unless it’s Daniel telling his Chuck Norris jokes.) Be involved in everything that’s going on. “I don’t like it.” Use it as a training time to learn to not be selfish and demand everything your way all the time… even the game times can be a spiritual growth time!



Our camp preacher is awesome. Find him some time around meals, game times, or before or after services and thank him for preaching for us. He’s a pastor of a busy church and he’s got a LOT of things to do… believe me! He loves to preach, but a week away from his family and his ministry is a BIG commitment… thank him for coming!



What’s the biggest encouragement you could give Bro. Redlins, you ask? Come back with more passion for God. Again, I’m not being vague about this… I’m just having a hard time because it’s not concrete. It’s not, “I’m going to read my Bible __ minutes per day… I’m going to throw away ___ CDs and DVDs… I’m going to come to every Wednesday service…” Know what I mean? Those are concrete. Those are yes/no answers.

But what about, “I’ve decided to just have more passion for God.” How do you measure that?! Weight? Length? Attendance? No. You can’t. But it does show! Not too many of my decisions that I made in high school were big huge changes that I had to go home and make… most of them were just increased passion for God. It showed up in my choices, my discipline, my Bible reading, my prayer life, my soul-winning, my hunger for preaching, my passion for church and more… both all those things in the list weren’t the decisions I made… they just overflowed from my truly life-changing decisions to make my Christian life more… real.

I’ll be preaching more on this today. Hopefully it makes more sense. 



“Prayer is just as big as God is,” the song says.


How cool is that?


We get to… talk… and we actually move God by our… talking. Weird! And amazing! Who are we, God? Why listen to us?!

It seems we don’t comprehend the importance of prayer sometimes, but someone once said “All failures are prayer failures.” Wow. A “failed” week of camp will be a result of a “failed” prep time in prayer. Let’s ask God to do something amazing in our lives this week at camp.


Here are a dozen ideas:


  1. Cleanse me of sin. (Read Psalm 51)
  2. Challenge me to be and do more for Christ.
  3. Help me fall in love with the Bible and preaching.
  4. Help me deepen my relationship with my parents.
  5. Lead Bro. Redlin, the camp staff, and my counselor.
  6. If I don’t see something in me, show me.
  7. Give me the humility, courage, and determination to change.
  8. Show me how I can be a blessing to my cabin-mates.
  9. Lead Bro. Ryan and Mrs. Jamie.
  10. Help me be accountable.
  11. Give us safety.
  12. I love you.





LORD’S SUPPER – TONIGHT (sit with family after invitation)



Please be at the church no later than 7:30am tomorow so we can load the buses.  We should return around 1:00pm on Saturday.





You’ll have an opportunity to give a testimony of how God spoke to you at camp.  Please be here at 5:30 to run through the song we’ll sing



This will be at Bro. Ken and Mrs. Gina’s house.  The bus will return to church about 1 hr. 15 min. after the close of the evening service.



Please see the table to sign up TODAY if you plan to help with a booth.  We still have several open spots to fill.


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