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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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TOF Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

February 9th, 2012

The King James Bible


In EVERY thing I do, I NEVER want to offend people.

At the same time, I will firmly stand for what I believe is the truth, and I hope you would to! I hope you don’t come to church just because you have to… I hope it’s something you believe so strongly that nothing can change your mind.

In believing so strongly about something, often you’re called on to contradict others’ beliefs. Whether you’re right or wrong, I hope you always have the spirit that desires the TRUTH more than anything else, and I pray you’re always able to 1) stand for truth when you’re right and 2) change when you’re confronted with truth and you’re wrong.

That said, I cannot tip-toe around truth! Amen! (I hope you’d “Amen” that!)

One point of truth that we firmly stand on here at Calvary Baptist Church is the King James Bible. We teach that it is THE Word of God. It doesn’t contain the Word of God… it IS the Word of God.

The following statement is why I issued the above paragraphs as a disclaimer: we teach that the King James Bible is the only version that is God’s Word, and that all other versions either add or subtract from what God said.

Very few people, and certainly very few churches around here teach that. I don’t see it as a problem with you, but it is a very serious issue that can become a problem in the future with a lot of people. Build your convictions on God’s Word now, so when you’re tested later you won’t fall into the traps out there.

Are there good people who use other versions? Absolutely! Are they bad for using other versions? Absolutely NOT!

So why do we use the King James only?

Well, that’s the bad news… I can’t tell you why yet.

Later in our Bible Study series we’ll do a BIG study of why we use the King James Bible, but it’s not coming for a while. We’ll go into the history, the translators, the original texts, the problems with all the other texts and more, but we don’t have the time or space to write it out or teach on it in this note.

What I WILL say is: if you don’t believe as strongly in the King James as we do, at least trust Pastor Rench’s leadership for now. Later, when you get more facts you can decide for yourself, but until you’ve researched it all out for yourself, please follow Pastor’s guidance.

The King James Bible is THE Bible for the English-speaking people, and we’ll show you why later. For now, disregard all other versions and know that we wouldn’t be telling you this unless we loved all of you and had GOOD reasons backing us up.

That said, a couple references that we’ll be giving in class tonight also reference a lot of other Bible versions. I want to be gentle but very firm in telling you that the King James Bible is our primary study tool.

Study helps we’ll be referencing tonight are as follows:

e-sword.net (downloadable software)

Classic.net.bible.org (KJV tab)

Lots of others exist out there and I’d be glad to point you in their direction, but for now this is a start (and they’re free!)

We sure love you, teens! We missed being with you last week and prayed for you and the Bakers. Do right.

Bro. Ryan



If you come to door-knocking, bring $$ for food. The Youth Rally is free.

Bible Baptist Church, National City. Bro. McCracken preaching.

YOUTH RALLY – SATURDAY Feb. 4 – 12pm – 7:30pm

Youth Rally costs: $5. ALSO bring money for lunch after doorknocking.

Lighthouse Baptist Church, LaVerne. Bro. Billy Ingram preaching.

SATURATION SATURDAY – Jan. 28 at 9:45am

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