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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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TOF Wednesday Jan 23, 2013

January 24th, 2013

Faith Promise Missions


Sunday school was on “Give and Go.”

This Sunday is our church’s missions commitment Sunday. It’s the one time of the year that we take our Faith Promise Missions Commitments and tally up our total for 2013. This Commitment includes several aspects: faith, a promise, and the whole idea of missions.

Faith doesn’t mean that you save up enough money for the year, check your savings account and say, “Yep. I can do ___ every week.” Faith is stepping out without knowing how God will provide and making a Promise or a commitment to come through week after week with the money.

Lest you think, “Man, this church is all about money!” let me tell you this: I know we’re not going to be the biggest giving class in the church! You’re poor. I’ve mentioned over and over that giving is about sacrifice and faithfulness. Are you sacrificing? Maybe $.50 per week is a sacrifice for you. Maybe more, maybe less… have you committed it?

Let me be clear… the Faith Promise Missions is a commitment that is above your tithe (which is 10% of all money you get), and Faith Promise is separate from your weekly Home Missions Church Planters offering that we just took to Heartland last week. Our Pastor has cast the vision for our church to be involved in the Church Planters Conference, and every year our church’s Christmas offering goes toward that conference. What we are doing with the TOF Home Missions offering every week is just adding (as we give week by week) to the whole church’s offering.

Perhaps we should have stated our summaries more clearly, but we do not want to think too highly of ourselves. Giving is selfless not selfish, and we are giving under the whole church, of course, but contributing weekly in class instead of at one time in the Christmas offering only.

Praise God for the contribution our class was able to make! For what it’s worth, I commend you for your part in giving sacrificially and faithfully.


-Bro. Ryan


YOUNG ADULTS CHOIR – New song for the Preaching Rally. Anyone can join (7th grade and up). We will practice next week.


ALASKA TRIP MEETING – Our Alaska trip will be July 29 – Aug. 6. We need to know now who will be committing to go. If you meet the criteria, you might be able to go free or at a huge price break. More meeting details to follow, but please be considering the dates and if you will want to go.


LADIES – NURSERY HELP NEEDED – Valentine’s Banquet on Friday, Feb. 8 from 6-9pm .


DEVARE WILLIAMS – Missionary to Chile here this Sunday.


Thank you, Bro. Ken, for being a blessing and teaching last week!



BIBS:Romans 8:15-25

Question: How are we the children of God?


1.      We have received the spirit of adoption (v.15)

2.      The spirit bears witness that we are the children of God (v. 16)

3.      We are delivered from the bondage of corruption into liberty (v. 21)

4.      We are saved by hope (v. 24)

Combine “Trunk” and “Branches”

                We are the children of God, saved by hope, and delivered from the bondage of corruption.


Romans 8:26-27

Question: How does the spirit make intercession for us?


1.      He searches our hearts (v. 27)

2.      It’s according to the will of God (v. 27)

3.      With groanings that cannot be uttered (v. 26)



TEXT:  Rom 9:1-5

CIT: Paul’s personal anguish for his fellow Jews who are perishing under privilege


TEXT:  Rom 9:6-13

FCF: Sometimes it’s possible in our tiny human reasoning to try to figure God out. Since our minds do not have the capacity to understand eternity fully, it’s illogical to trust in it. But, that’s where faith comes in. We have to trust in a God that’s bigger than us! HIS purposes are already fulfilled in His “timeline,” as we think of time, and He knows what will happen based on his foreknowledge. When we forget that God is God, we limit who He is and what He is accomplishing. If anything, we need a more complete and higher view of God so that we can more readily line up with His purpose through our relationship in Christ.

This text, obviously, is about the Jewish relationship to God based on God’s foreknowledge, and God has purposed their future to be blessed based on several factors, mainly His sovereign choice. We too are blessed based on His sovereign choice and our lining up with Him. Although it sometimes doesn’t make sense (the disparity between our free choice and His sovereign direction), we cannot limit His working.

CIT: God fulfills his purposes even without the cooperation of man.

“Line up with HIS purposes.”


TITLE: Sovereign. Righteous. Merciful.


TEXT:  Rom 9:14-26

CIT: God’s sovereign power is limited by his mercy.


TEXT:  Rom 9:19-33

CIT: Overall: God sovereignly accomplishes his will, with or without the cooperation of man. Smaller text: God sovereignly chooses people to accomplish his will.


TITLE: Christ is the finish line

TEXT:  Rom 9:22-10:4 (10:1-4)

SUBJECT: How will zealous Israel be saved.

COMPLEMENT: Not by works, not by zeal… but ONLY by faith (ch 9) placed IN Christ alone (v4)

FCF: Too many people are not willing to place their faith in Christ alone. Their faith is in their works, their knowledge, their family’s “zeal” (“Oh, we go to church!”) and not in the knowledge of the only thing that saves: faith in Christ.

CIT: Only by faith in the knowledge of God’s righteousness will anyone be saved.


TEXT:  Rom 10: 5-13

CIT: While Paul still emphasizes God’s plan for Israel, he reiterates the fact that salvation is not by works but by faith, available to all who believe.


TEXT:  Rom 10: 14-21

CIT: Because Israel unquestionably heard and understood God’s Word and still rejected Christ, Israel is without excuse while God’s blessings go to the Gentiles.

“You hear it. You understand it. You reject it… no excuses.”


TEXT:  Rom 11: 1-10

SUBJECT: How do we know God has not rejected Israel?

COMPLEMENT: Because history God has faithfully always had a remnant

CIT: Age-old principles show that although Israel (in general) has chosen to reject God, the faithful God still does not reject Israel.

“God’s promises are good, even when you’re not.”


TITLE:  God’s way is ALWAYS best.


TEXT:  Rom 11: 11-15

SUBJECT: Why does Paul hope the Gentiles’ salvation will provoke the Jews to be saved?

COMPLEMENT: Because through their obedience God will abundantly bless the whole world.

FCF: We can think that God has changed His mind. He hasn’t. We’ve (namely, the Jews) been disobedient to His plan. While He is unchanging, He’s also holy and perfect. His plans are made in perfection, and when we don’t live up to His holy plans, we remove ourselves from the process of God’s blessings. When we obey, God blesses, as He promised. When we disobey, it’s not as if God changes His plans or ever goes back on His promises (as we see emphasized in Rom. 9-11), but He “comes up with” (although He’s always known it’s going to happen) a “new” plan. His ultimate plan was NOT that the Gentiles receive the blessing… His ultimate plan is that the JEWS love God, and THROUGH THEM God blesses the whole world. How much more (v12, 15)?!  We probably won’t ever know. But it would have been good, according to Paul!

For us, today, we need to know God’s plan is always best. He’ll forgive sin. He’ll even use a shaky past. But HOW MUCH MORE if we’re obedient every step.

CIT: Because the Jews’ disobedience cut off God’s main blessings, Paul desires the Gentiles’ blessings to provoke the Jews to return to God.


TEXT:  Rom 11: 16-24

SUBJECT: How does God show His salvation for all men?

COMPLEMENT: By his severity AND his goodness.

FCF: “God is all good” as the thought today goes. True. But He’s all just. He’s severe… toward sin. Man tends to forget that. God tends to remind us of his wrath.

CIT: God’s severity AND God’s goodness show that God’s plan of salvation is for ALL men.

“God is good AND severe. And it’s all on purpose.”


TEXT:  Rom 11: 25- 32

SUBJECT: What does understanding the mystery do for us?

COMPLEMENT: It challenges us to not be wise in our own conceits

FCF: Jews/Gentiles discussions can tend to cause us to nod off because “we know it all” already. Paul’s reminding and reminding them, maybe because they had a problem but maybe not. It’s instruction, but further than that, man can tend to take instruction and not care. This instruction is meant to challenge the believer to understand so that he’s not swayed into thinking he’s any better than anyone else.

CIT: The mystery revealed is the source of universal and personal humility.


TEXT:  Rom 11: 33-36

CIT: In light of God’s amazing plan, Paul can only conclude that the unsearchable God deserved unending devotion and glory.

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