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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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WCBC College Days

November 7th, 2010

Satan will fight even what we consider to be “small” steps of faith, but our teens got to see God answer prayers this week.  Even with big games looming and a lot going on at school and home, all five teens who went to the West Coast College Days now have no regrets about attending.  That’s a simple answer to prayer.  A couple Sunday nights ago we had our first parent meeting, in which we tried to convey a few goals for the Teens of Faith.  A major goal that we have is to further promote an atmosphere, or culture, of Bible College, and we got an incredible taste of dorm life, great preaching, loving and true friendships, and the general “Bible College buzz.”  That’s a simple answer to prayer.

The more trips that we take like this, and the more exposure that these teens have to all that is involved in Bible College, the warmer and warmer their spiritual fire will grow.  I am so excited to report that God literally changed lives and mindsets this week, and he is leading and helping our teens every day in their walk with the Lord.  With only a few paragraphs of text, no one could adequately describe God’s moving, but we sincerely hope that the fire continues to show brighter and brighter.

I appreciated the maturity and spiritual discipline that almost all the teens showed this week.  At college days, everything’s exciting, and games are going on, and everybody’s happy, and the preaching is on fire, and the classrooms are packed, and the dorm life is new… it would be easy for some to be more easily swayed to make decisions based on the emotion of the moment rather than to wait on God.  Praise the Lord that each one said in essence, “This might be where God wants me, but I’ve still got time for him to lead me.”  I appreciate that spirit so much, and it says a lot about their life and future.

Another trip that has been mentioned before is the Heartland Baptist Bible College Days in Oklahoma City.  We are already exploring options and costs, and many of those who are waiting on the Lord are waiting to see how he leads them while at Heartland.  God has things that he wants to do with every person in the world, and a huge step in those plans is these teens’ choice of college.  Not only is being around Bible College a very fun experience, it helps show a teen that there’s SO much more outside of day by day by day by day by day.  There’s a group that desires God’s absolute best in their lives, and that desires to do all they can for Him.

As often as is physically and financially possible, please encourage every teen to be involved in trips like these.  We played football, watched basketball games, went to Mulligan’s, and had fun, but the best part was that we were away from the TV and school life, and we were submerged in a sweet-spirited, God-filled place.  Starting early next year we will introduce a process that will help our teens become givers and not just takers at college.

Overall, God was so good to us.  We came away from this weekend absolutely refreshed, and we thank God for once again working in our teens’s lives.    –Bro. Ryan

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