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What Are We Supposed To Do With Ourselves Now?

Now that Comedy Night is done, what are we supposed to do with ourselves? We’ve been so intensely practicing that we forgot about… gaming! Oh yeah. Mafia. That’s what we can do. Thanks, Alexa. And for the lesson time, we finished up the 3 M’s and 3 A’s for men […]

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We Miss You When You’re Gone  

July 5th, 2015

You may not believe me, but I miss you when you’re gone.

No, not me. My voice isn’t that loud.

Nope. You. I mean it. You. Me? Yep. You.

Our choir is not so big that we do not even notice if a voice or two is missing. We notice! It shows!

When you are so faithful to practice week after week, it builds up this expectation of what the choir should sound like. It raises the bar, so to speak. Then, when you miss (yes, for real—you!), we feel it!

By the way… I am NOT rebuking you. I am not mad when you miss. I’m just letting you know that you are noticed and missed. Seriously. AND, we are glad when you are here. The people around you are glad. I am glad.

Never think of yourself as a small voice. Never have the “they won’t miss me” mentality. That mentality breeds unfaithfulness to your commitments, and it is a slap in the face of a God who has designed you unique—separate from ALL of the rest of creation—for the purpose of glorifying Him.

If God can view you as unique and special in the throngs of 7+ billion people, don’t you think that you are noticed in this little pool of thirty-some singers?

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