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Half the Old Testament is the word Remember. No, that’s not true. It’s 48%. I just rounded up. As Israel forgot, so do we. Today’s insert is a simple reminder of some of the standards we work to maintain as we sing for the Lord. My prayer is that you […]

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Wow, Welcome Back!

May 2nd, 2016

It’s been a while since we’ve had class together.
Forgive me if I ask you, “Wait…what was your name again?” “Come on, Bro. Ryan, I’ve been coming to church since I was born! Remember?”
The past few weeks we’ve been in combined Sunday school for our financial wisdom series. AND, on top of that, we’ve been in combined services on Wednesdays, too. Well, now that we’ve hit May, we’re getting a little bit back to normal.
So, welcome back.
Yesterday, I got back from the Youth Leaders Retreat at Ironwood. Loved it. I hope I can be a better man for you, and I hope our youth group grows as a result: spiritually, relationally, and numerically.
Missions Trip. This Wednesday your permission slips are due to qualify for the free LA Missions Trip we’re taking soon. I can find some service here at church for you to boost your points (if you’re in the yellow).
Camp. Since we do a custom camp, I did not push our Registration Sunday as hard as I normally would. You can still register for camp at the same cost (no late fees)! And I want everyone—everyone—to go. Seriously! Don’t let work be an excuse. Camp is better than money. Don’t let programs be an excuse. Camp is better than football, ROTC, baseball, or anything else you might have scheduled. Don’t let “eh, I don’t want to” be an excuse. That’s just…that’s just…oh come on! Don’t let “It’s too hot” or “I don’t like to run” or “We’ve had drama” be an excuse. That’s just…that’s just…*sigh.
I want ALL of you to go to camp. Think about it…Is there anything better for you than a week of intense Bible focus: preaching, devotions, conversations with counselors…It’s ALL about your spiritual walk. ALL of it. So what’s better than that? Sitting at home? Watching TV? Playing basketball? Going to work for, like, minimum wage?
I love you all and I wouldn’t want to do ANYTHING that wouldn’t help you in some way. I wouldn’t promote ANYTHING unless I was convinced it would help your walk with God.
Pray about it. I have registration forms!
-Bro. Ryan

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